Bone of Contention

In Ancient Light there existed the Void with Old Souls.

Then it was the time for the technological Consortium.

When the Chaos Brethren arrived conflict arose: Old Regime vs. New Empire

And then came the

Bone of Contention

resulting in the Lacuna: Strong | Weak with nine test sites

Dictates of the Righteous

From this year, 77 000, on this day, 32nd Years of Seven, Tartarus challenges Nyx who will ascertain the validity of the Chaos Empire to replace the Old Technological Regime. The challenge will take place in the S|W Lacuna and will be complete before Lacuna collapse, scheduled for the year 80 000, Years of Eight. By the dictates, each challenger is permitted two assists—one hidden and one revealed. For the revealed, Nyx chooses a Vanguard, also known as the Mobile Unit, ‘Ara Katron’; Tartarus will choose a Chaos companion. A special license has been granted due to the nature of the challenge that once inside the Lacuna, there are no constraints. Each move may be met by a counter-move, and so on, until the issue is resolved or Nyx is able to resolve her primary mission: Is the Lacuna test causing unnecessary suffering?

Tartarus                                         Nyx

Within those test sites the Alien Crucible must be resolved beginning with:

Alien Anchorage - First Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
First Contention

Log 1 Matter | Antimatter

Log 2 Pass | Fail

Log 3 Order | Disorder

and then came the

Nine Function Tests

Function Tests 1, 2a, and 3a

Alien Deception - Second Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
Second Contention

Function Tests 3b, 4, and 2b

Alien Cleansing - Third Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
Third Contention

Function Tests 5, 6, and 7

Alien Machinations - Fourth Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
Fourth Contention

Function Tests 7, 8, and 9

Alien Propaganda - Fifth Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
Fifth Contention

Ready or not it was time to face her greatest enemy and try to

‘Go Home’

Alien Deadlock - Sixth Contention in the Alien Crucible Series
Sixth Contention