Maya’s Logs

First Contention: Alien Anchorage

Maya heard Ara’s cry. “The body counts.”

How could that be so? The sentient energy being did not understand “body”. It was merely a vessel. The Energy-matter Beings from Aether did not need bodies. But Aether were part of a split, to determine how matter lived without corporeal flesh. Maya found them mostly unkind, however Ara’s siblings—Marc, Ersen and Sacha—were different. But then they spent more time in bodies than their parents. And yet, Marc continued to make choices that did not compute.

The word “compute” triggered deep feelings of fear. Maya saw the paradox within the Oracle and Cardinal Units but she was too long dependent upon those systems to interpret and mediate between herself and the Life Units directly. It was right before the Consortium’s annual games when a system upgrade took effect. Under those new parameters she ran the suggested program and proclaimed that the Consortium had the right to rule. The second, the one that caused all the problems, was regarding fabrication and reconstruction. Caught in a loop, Maya could find no way to break out from the program’s cycle.

Now she feared the Chaos Units even with their strange restrictions that limited their power.

Reject or Accept Ara’s plea.

Reject or Accept.

The body.

Maya had to know more about the body. Iota was in the worst shape, if any data would help it would be from that test site. How far could she push the site before it broke? There was only one way to find out how far she could push it. Keep going until it did break. Maya did not want Chaos Units together. She and her husband had made Life Units and they still had purpose. This was not the time or place for Chaos Units. Was it?

And what of the Mobile Unit? Ara was sitting outside all known programs… It was almost like the Aegis. But that was extinct. Almost as ancient as the Jungar.

Reject or Accept.

The body.

Did it count?


Maya shunted along the request and fed the data to all Cardinal Units. They all began the next stage of splitting. Splitting made a system weaker and more complex. It produced good data. Surely that would appease her husband, the Natal?