Logbook – Aed

I am Aed.

The Dictates of the Righteous have become the pivotal conflict of all time, the Bone of Contention, and it is because of the test sites. If you’d like to know more about the Bone of Contention please visit the log.

I am doubly pressed having lived on Lavenia all the while helping Earth, which is another test site. But once humans are freed we hope they will rise to the challenge not just to survive, but to support the greatest venture of all time, to try and go home. Already, we are known as the Legendary Damned, along with several other races, but I believe it will be the humans who will not only stand by Ara’s side, but actively engage in committing themselves to the greatest military operation of all time.

I know this because I am one of the Legendary Damned and I promise I will be one of the last to go home and like us, people on Earth have no choice unless they want to die.

I doubt I will ever forget the Alien Crucible and I hope that I will be able to step into the Void and be welcomed by the Consortium, Maya, and, yes, even the Natal. But I fear, as one of her loyal soldiers, that even if we get out of the Lacuna, her enemy will follow us there, somehow, somewhere.

For Ara’s enemy is relentless and diabolical.

Her enemy, determined to drive her to the brink of despair, will find the result is not at all what they expect. Nine times Ara is to be tested, forged in the fires created by her enemy. The trials are tempered, but not stopped, by her allies. They need her tested as well, not to prove her worth but to force her to find a way out of the Lacuna and to face her enemy, Tartarus, and his allies. Only at the brink, are the best solutions found. Her enemy, Ara tells me, will act as a catalyst triggering her deductive abilities.

I am charged with the gravest of duties, to record all that I learn. And now I share the logs and sub-logs with you as they are written.

Welcome to the Alien Crucible.

Ara has many objectives. Trickster told her one such objective is trying to get fish to breathe water.

Welcome to Ara’s personal crucible.