Jamie’s Logs

Log 1/Sub-Log VI


Station: The Welken

Galactic System: Cradle

Planetary System: The Horn of Thalen

Territory of the Warlords


“Son, it’s time.”

At two hundred and nineteen, Jamie stood strong by his father on the cliff’s ledge. During the early years, when he had lived at home, he had noted how his father was shrinking. He flashed him a grin. “You’re still shrinking.”

Pride shone on the older man’s face. Their dark grey eyes were so much alike; both were tall with athletic builds, rugged features, and short, dark hair. His voice was rough but warm with love. “I thought I ordered you to stop growing.”

Jamie was about to make his vows in front the Triaxial Milieu but they would only be secondary to the Blood Oath to complete the Rite of Thalen. He was forever bound to the service of the worlds, swearing to protect the worlds, even from themselves. The Triaxial Milieu was a place filled with a race who strove to ascend to the “sHe” state.

The family who were assigned to raise the Mobile Unit consisted of Terance and Pen who seemed almost ordinary, nothing like a sHe being. Not that he’d met any yet. While Marc was their child, Ersen and Sacha were from other sHe beings. They would all be family and protectors to the Mobile Unit. Pen was pregnant and that relieved him more than his instincts of simply liking them. They meant to make a home for themselves.

Jamie breathed in the crisp air.

They were high up on the mountain, above the clouds, where they had arrived in their sleek but small ranger, landing it neatly on a narrow, rocky shelf. Would the clouds spill over onto the ledge if they got any higher? But they just seemed to form fluffy, uneven pillows, bouncing a little along the ledge’s edge and spreading out as far as he could see.

He shuffled, impatient now.

For all his specialized training over the last eighty years, he was lacking proficiency in patience. He tried to divert the growing agitation. Only Pure-Gens, with a few others, entered the Welken and the Horn of Thalen—so named after one of the great historical warlords—while even fewer were allowed into Anchorage, the sacred Place of the Artifacts. It was by invitation of the sHe only.

He shuffled impatiently again, noting the fond look from his father.

Would Marc be there?

Time did not travel in the Cradle as it did in normal space and he struggled with the concepts. There was a flash of light. Jamie blinked and then studied the three tall beings standing with their backs to the expanse. Portals of swirling grey mass closed behind them but Jamie was told pure Aether didn’t even need transportals. He studied their faces, their features were blurring from male to female. Behind them stood four young adults. Two males, two females. The only one he hadn’t met was Aven. Her face was narrow, almost unfriendly. Other than that, both had sleek, black hair, black eyes, and pale skin. Ersen’s messy, sandy hair contrasted with those two but Jamie was drawn to Sacha, who was sporting ginger hair and green cat’s eyes today.

Brent leaned in to Jamie, having met them all before. “The Dark one is the Nexus, sHe guards ‘mind’. The Light one is the Superlunary, sHe guards ‘energy’. The Grey one is the Sāwol, sHe guards ‘soul’. Theirs is a true form of our own poorer Triad.”

“Who guards the body?”

“The Artifacts understand now that the body is just as important. It may be that you will represent the body one day or encourage its importance.” Brent lowered his voice as the sHes conferred. “Of course, you’ve met Pen and Terance.”

Jamie was startled even though he “knew” it was still unbelievable that the ordinary male and female were one of these. “Which ones are they?”

“The Superlunary, the bright ones. Marc and Aven are their children. Sacha is child to the Sāwol, and Ersen is child to the Nexus.”

Jamie was dazzled by their difference. His father gently nudged him towards the waiting group. For the first time, tears appeared in the rugged face.

“You must go with them now. When I return to Lyon 3 I will resume being a father, but you will be a ghost.” Brent gave him a loving smile.

Gratitude and love abstracted across mind to mind.

Jamie walked towards the group who were studying him. There were mostly smiles. He felt relief at the welcome. He glanced back and saw his father was watching. Jamie turned to the Nexus, its face blurring male-female, who beckoned with sHe hand.

“Zia.” He bowed his head.

The three Artifacts moved around him.

The Nexus asked, “Do you vow to offer your mind, soul, and energy to consider what that means for the body and be tested?”

“I do so vow.”

The Superlunary smiled, it was kindly meant, but Jamie was nervous.

“Now we must go. The others are in place already.” The Superlunary waved to the ranger taking off from the ledge.

Jamie waved too, knowing his father would be watching him via one of the many outer sensors that fed the internal systems information on the outside. Their children shuffled impatiently and Jamie watched as they all turned to the cliff edge. Marc pulled him closer. He flashed his grin and dragged him off the cliff, through the wet pillows, laughing as Jamie screamed at first, later joining them in their fun.

What it was to be an Energy-matter Being!

Every atom in his body fired, and his mind was ablaze. He sensed, rather than felt, Marc’s hand in his, keeping him in this energy state. The feelings remained with him long after they completed their exhilarating ride up and down mountains, along deep canyons, and finally landing close to a standard looking ranger.

It was time to resume his mission but he was still undecided about being Sentinel to the Mobile Unit.