Assorted Logs

Date: Years of Foundation, 000587

Life-System: Aurora Gardens

It’s hard not to be distracted by the beautiful gardens around my pod. My friends laugh at me still living in the home that was engineered on Lyon 7, a planet Ara spent many years on. She had taken a fancy to the pods and grown them on her own planet, Siatho. I have used the original design template that Ara had coded when she lived on Earth, before her substitute brother, Rusa, re-programmed it to his tastes. Ara was, and still is, cheeky of nature and as a joke called Rusa, his siblings, and parents her ‘substitute family’.

Back to work! All 18 logs, and sub-logs, have been written.

Aed has recorded stories from all those inside the Alien Crucible. I have yet to do the final edits of my work, and then finally have a proofreader make the final checks.

While I promised myself I wouldn’t, I’m writing a prequel of sorts. The Consociation of Eight are the ones who are suffering the most during this unconventional war between Tartarus and Nyx. The tale will include some memories of growing up in the Void and then the transition period prior to entering the Alien Crucible.

I think that’s all for now.

S. V. Brown.